Artwork By Salvador Colin
Size: 20 x 30 cms


This piece is one of 16 pieces from the series Rockerettes that celebrates female bikers. Rockerettes, a series of digital illustrations by Mexican artist Salvador Colin focuses on women in motorcycling in the cafe racer style. Since the invention of motorcycles, women have played an active role as riders but were mostly objectified in motorcycle images. But with time and a lot of effort to break the stereotypes, they are now the protagonists of motorbike stories. Rockerettes is a mix of mid-20th century English motorcycle and musical culture with references to goddesses from ancient cultures from different parts of the world.


Salvador's stunning creative style reflects his passion and his mexican cultural heritage. Best used for a whoa factor to add to your space!


The frame is a 1/2 inch wide in a dark brown wood finish that perfectly compliments the color palette of the artwork. Hang it as soon as you receive it. 


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