COVID-21 Relief Pendants

COVID-21 Relief Pendants


Art for the fight against COVID-21. Every purchase counts.


In these perilous times, we’re doing our bit to drive relief for those affected by the pandemic. 100% of your purchase will be donated to organizations such as  Hemkunt Foundation working on the ground to help supply O2, meds and other necessities to the the worst-affected by COVID in 2021. This is your chance to make a difference with just a few clicks.


How this pendant is made.

Making this Damascus pattern welded steel pendant involves several intense processes. This steel is made by combining different high carbon steels which when etched in a solution reveal a pattern. These pendants are a result of many cycles of heating, forging, cleaning, cutting and reassemby of the components. A single wrong weld, or a misjudged hammer blow and the envisioned pattern is gone. Sometimes the steel doesn't move as it is supposed to, or the layers don't line up as they should but when everything does work out, the results are beautiful patterns in steel that symbolise flowing water to an explosion to a delicate feather.


Available in Square and Arrowhead.


Get yours today and make a difference. And once you’ve bought yours, share with friends and family, so that they too can help us drive the change. 


Material : Steel

Size: 3cm each side

Artist: Saad Uddin