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The Spirit of Adventure - Flying Tiger Tee

They say the spirit of adventure is undying. It may lay low at times, but eventually finds its way to the next journey on the list. Things are similar in the case of art. We did our second motoart exhibition, along with Helmets for India, back in 2019 in Mumbai. A year later, the world found itself frozen because of the pandemic. And yet, for the last many months, we at Moto Art Show have been braving the elements to pursue new adventures of our own.

For instance, take our latest success, the Himalayan Water Crossing Tee. After experimenting with motoart on canvas and paper, we looked in the way of clothing and made the art wearable. We released it as a limited edition batch of 50 that sold like hot cakes. So now, only 50 of you in the whole world will ever own the Himalayan Water Crossing Tee. For a change, success smelled like t-shirts coming hot off the press.

Himalayan Water Crossing motorcycle art tshirt

Back to the spirit of adventure, last year, Triumph went on an adventure of its own, and another gem to the coveted Tiger series with the new Tiger 900, GT and Rally Pro. A lover of motorcycles often fears the wheel being broken in the process of reinvention. Thankfully, the good folks at Triumph knew what they were upto, and we got a motorcycle that was meaner, leaner, and with more prowess than its elder yet shorter siblings from the 800 lineup. It’s not unfair to say that the 900 is poles apart from the iconic Tiger 100 that Ted Simon rode around the world back in 1973, but it still has the original DNA of exploring the unknown, and being damn good at it.


So, while anticipation and whispers around the 900 and its prowess were still going around the block, we took to imagining how it would be to ride one.

How it must feel as you send it off a mound,

To be airborne for what seems like eternity,

Only for it to land and latch onto the ground,

To continue pouncing and prowling like nobody’s business.

Some thinking, some imagining, and some beers later, this is what we had at hand.

As you must know by now, we love to share the motoart we create. The Flying Tiger, as we’ve come to call it, is being printed onto a limited batch of 50 t-shirts. Tees that belong to only 50 adventure junkies in this world, who’ll wear this design with pride wherever they go.

Are you going to be one of them?

As with our previous Himalayan Water Crossing tee, the Flying Tiger tee is made of premium and super soft 100% cotton, tailored for a comfy fit with or without moto gear, and with nifty little details.

This tee hits our online store on 08 April, 2021.

Interested in owning the Flying Tiger tee?

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Until next time, this is your host and chief curator, Mallika, signing off. We’ve got a bunch of these address labels to write!

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Mallika Prakash is a motoartist and a curator who started life in Delhi, her art career in San Francisco and recently moved to Bangalore. She started Moto Art Show in 2018 in response to a lack of opportunity to exhibit motoart in India and began curating and hosting motorcycle-centric art exhibitions, bringing together a like minded community. She is extremely passionate about carving a space for motoart and everything it has to offer in the physical art world.

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