Starting with 1000 helmets to promote road safety


Moto Art Show is collaborating with Helmets for India to promote 2-wheeler road safety in India. The goal of the Helmets for India project is to donate and distribute 1000 helmets in 2019 starting in March. These helmets are sponsored by global helmet manufacturers. More than 20 of these helmets are being customized by artists from all over the world that were premiered at the Moto Art Show exhibition on March 24, 2019 at the Bombay Art Society.



The art helmets were accompanied by paintings, drawings and illustrations by over 10 motoartists from India, US and Mexico.  

Aditya Phadke | Chiranjit Barui | HAMerRED 49

Mahesh Talape | Mallika Prakash | MilesOnCanvas

Projectb612 | Rohan Khuntale | Salvador Colin

Tauseef Ahmed | Douglas Thompson

A very big thank you to our partners for making Moto Art Show a success!



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