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“Art means everything to us.

There is no Plan B”



Founder, Moto Art Show



Moto Art Show started as a response to a lack of art spaces to show motorcycle art in India. There are many amazingly talented motorists who are limited to showing their work in the online world and there is a clear need to bring them together to create exciting art experiences.

We promote artists and their work in the real world by curating art exhibitions in art galleries, as private and corporate events and through our online shop.

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Moto Art Show is founded and curatoed by biker and motoartist Mallika Prakash. With roots in Delhi, Mallika started riding in San Francisco towards a self-propelled art career and has shown and sold her work in various galleries in and around San Francisco. 

Mallika is committed to working with other motoartists from India and everywhere else to bring their work into the public eye. She believes that in person is the only way to experience the emotions and feelings these artworks ellicit.

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Urvashi Patole testimonial for Moto Art Show

"Moto Art Show  is a revelation and a revolution in the Indian motorcycling scene. It is a clear picture of the  evolving motorcycling culture and Mallika has created a brilliant platform for motoartists to showcase their work together."


Co-founder, The Bikerni

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